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This page is meant for you to learn about a few of the different kinds of kits and crafts we have available. The information provided below is an overview for each craft. If you have any questions or need any help just click on the little flying angel at the bottom of the page.

Counted Cross Stitch

Counted cross stitch designs are usually worked on an evenweave fabric like Aida cloth or linen. To create the design, the stitcher uses embroidery floss to place X's that correspond to the appropriate color symbol on the design chart. The different symbols on the chart represent different colors of floss used in the design.

Free Patterns:

Daisy and Ladybug




Stamped Cross Stitch

Stamped designs are worked onto printed fabric using a combination of cross stitch and backstitch. Simply follow the stamped marks with the color of floss indicated.


Needlepoint, sometimes called canvas work, uses threads or yarns on a mesh canvas. Stitched in a continental stitch (also known as a tent stitch or half cross stitch), most designs feature an easy-to-stitch fully printed canvas. Some designs are counted from a chart.

Crewel Embroidery

Crewel uses a variety of stitches done in yarns and threads. Traditional design is where all of the design is stitched, or choose newer designs where the fabric is fully printed and your stitching embellishes the design.

Felt Kits

From soft sculpture characters to felt Christmas stockings, these kits include a variety of fabrics, felts and other materials. Using a bit of gluing or simple stitching, you can create beautiful finished products.

Beginner Kits

Cross stitch, needlepoint, stamped cross stitch, crewel--you can do it! Beginner kits have been designed to guide you through a project step by step. Or, would you like to help a child learn how to stitch? Some of these kits are designed with kids in mind; even the instructions are kid-friendly.

Punch Needle

Punch Needle is easy, relaxing, and stitches up fast. The printed side of the fabric is the BACK. Punch Needle is stitched from the BACK to create the loops on the FRONT. Each loop is created with a simple push/pull motion. Repeat to fill in each area with color. That's it!!

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